Friday, July 22, 2011

They call my baby patty

They call my baby patty, but, her real name, her real name,
her real name is Linda Lu.
She’s so fine and darn too pretty I never know what that Baby gonna do.
She walkin’ down the street, all the cats, all the cats, all the Cats,
 turn to look around.
She a fine dog-gone lady, she the best lookin’ girl we had in this town. 
Linda linda linda linda linda, tell me what’s you gonna do?
Had a real bad dream last nightI dreamed I went a stroll 
You’re a fine doggone ladyYou’re, you gonna break my heart in two.
A linda lu...Linda lu, linda lu, lu linda linda linda linda linda 
T..t..tell me, w..w..what, is you gonna do?

- Rolling Stones

Julies Welt;